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Computers In Translation

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For forty years researchers have been attempting to develop systems that would emulate the human translation process. Because natural language makes this such a daunting challenge, machine translation has failed to penetrate the worldwide translation market to any appreciable extent. John Newton places machine translation in its true perspective and fully deals with its current limitations.
"Computers in Translation" is a comprehensive guide to the practical issues surrounding machine translation and computer-based translation tools. Translators, system designers, system operators, and researchers, present the facts about machine translation: its history, its successes, its limitations, and its potential. Three chapters deal with actual machine translation applications, discussing installations including the METEO system used in Canada to translate weather forecasts and weather reports, and the system used in the Foreign Technology Division of the U.S. Air Force. As a guide for non-specialists seeking to broaden theoretical knowledge of the practicalities of machine translation, it will be of particular interest to translators, technical authors, technical publications managers, and students and lecturers in language and linguistics.

Computers And Typesetting: V.a - E

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This Millennium Boxed Set -- five elegantly printed books that describe their own method of creation -- celebrates Donald E. Knuth's monumental coupling of programming and typography in the TeX and METAFONT systems that are used worldwide by scientists, mathematicians, and others to produce high-quality, aesthetically pleasing text. Originally published in 1986, each volume has changed so much in subsequent printings that nearly every page has been touched. The improvements reflect new developments in digital printing technology; as well as corrections submitted by thousands of volunteers -- making these volumes the most accurate versions yet published. For readers who own earlier printings of Knuth's books, or have holes in their collections, the Millennium Boxed Set makes updating easy. For those who own none of the books, the boxed set is a convenient way to get them all at once.

Computer Systems

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For courses in Computer Organization and Architecture
This package includes MasteringEngineering®

Computer systems: A Programmer's Perspective explains the underlying elements common among all computer systems and how they affect general application performance. Written from the programmer's perspective, this book strives to teach readers how understanding basic elements of computer systems and executing real practice can lead them to create better programs.

Spanning across computer science themes such as hardware architecture, the operating system, and systems software, the Third Edition serves as a comprehensive introduction to programming. This book strives to create programmers who understand all elements of computer systems and will be able to engage in any application of the field--from fixing faulty software, to writing more capable programs, to avoiding common flaws. It lays the groundwork for readers to delve into more intensive topics such as computer architecture, embedded systems, and cyber security.

This book focuses on systems that execute an x86-64 machine code, and recommends that programmers have access to a Linux system for this course. Programmers should have basic familiarity with C or C++.

Personalize Learning with MasteringEngineering

MasteringEngineering is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment system, designed to improve results through personalized learning. This innovative online program emulates the instructor's office hour environment, engaging and guiding students through engineering concepts with self-paced individualized coaching With a wide range of activities available, students can actively learn, understand, and retain even the most difficult concepts.

0134123832/9780134123837 Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective plus MasteringEngineering with Pearson eText - Access Card Package, 3/e

Package consists of:
013409266X/9780134092669 Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective, 3/e
0134071921/9780134071923 MasteringEngineering with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective, 3/e

Focused, Unstuck, And Back In Action

RRP $18.99

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Are you stuck? Are you dragging yourself through the hours between sunrise and sunset in survival mode, moving from one task to another without joy or passion, struggling to find meaning or purpose in your life? You know that joy and happiness is in there somewhere, buried behind the negative words, but it seems here today and gone tomorrow, and you're just wondering what it takes to bring it back into your life. Maybe you had it once but misplaced it, and even though you've been searching high and low, your motivation is nowhere to be found. Maybe, like Myra, you began your life behind the proverbial eight-ball, and what you really need is a clue, just one clue that will help you find the path that will take you to loving yourself, loving your life, and unlocking your passion. Wherever you began, however far you have come, right now you feel stuck. And more than anything you want to get unstuck, focused, and back in action, but how? All roads, whether long or short, begin with a single step, but where do you start? You start here. With Myra's help, you can begin to turn your depression and sadness into joy. Within this book you will gain the keys to successfully restart your engine, no matter what! The exercises and coaching questions in the Focused, Unstuck and Back in Action are powerful, effective, and will help you turn your life on - gifting yourself with direction, achievement, and the love you deserve. Discover how to turn: depression into joy negative thoughts to positive self-loathing to self-love being stuck to a life of action and pleasure Believe it or not, this is all possible. And Myra is living proof. When you read her story you will be amazed at the huge challenges that she faced, how she overcame these, and in spite of it all, went on to live a happy successful life. Today, she is a motivational speaker, author, disability advocate, professional artist, wife, mother, and grandmother. She hosts two online radio shows, Never Say Impossible and Dancing On Our Disabilities. If anyone knows about reinventing themselves in the face of adversity, it's Myra! A personal note from the author: "Life is often challenging and isolated. We all have our own personal struggles and adversities. I believe no one has to be alone on that dark and lonely journey. Personal experience has taught me that sharing, compassion, and understanding are the keys that can unlock what may seem insurmountable odds and circumstantial entrapment. To all who perceive themselves lost in a world of procrastination, indecision, and frustration, know that freedom and happiness are waiting for you and I would like to help guide you to a life that is focused, unstuck and back in action!" Myra Goldnick Show less"

Parallel Computer Architecture

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The most exciting development in parallel computer architecture is the convergence of traditionally disparate approaches on a common machine structure. This book explains the forces behind this convergence of shared-memory, message-passing, data parallel, and data-driven computing architectures. It then examines the design issues that are critical to all parallel architecture across the full range of modern design, covering data access, communication performance, coordination of cooperative work, and correct implementation of useful semantics. It not only describes the hardware and software techniques for addressing each of these issues but also explores how these techniques interact in the same system. Examining architecture from an application-driven perspective, it provides comprehensive discussions of parallel programming for high performance and of workload-driven evaluation, based on understanding hardware-software interactions.

* synthesizes a decade of research and development for practicing engineers, graduate students, and researchers in parallel computer architecture, system software, and applications development

* presents in-depth application case studies from computer graphics, computational science and engineering, and data mining to demonstrate sound quantitative evaluation of design trade-offs

* describes the process of programming for performance, including both the architecture-independent and architecture-dependent aspects, with examples and case-studies

* illustrates bus-based and network-based parallel systems with case studies of more than a dozen important commercial designs


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