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A Discipline Of Multiprogramming

RRP $247.99

This volume presents a programming model, similar to object-oriented programming, that imposes a strict discipline on the form of the constituent objects and interactions among them. Concurrency considerations have been eliminated from the model itself and are introduced only during implementation, thereby freeing programmers from dealing with concurrency explicitly. Moreover, the resulting software designs are typically more modular and easier to analyze than the more traditional ones. Numerous examples illustrate various aspects of the model and reveal that a few simple, integrated features are adequate for designing complex applications. Topics and features: * Presents a simple, easy-to-understand multiprogramming model * Provides extensive development of the underlying theory * Emphasizes program composition, thereby making possible programming of large systems through modular designs * Eliminates explicit concurrency considerations during program design * Supplies efficient implementation schemes for distributed platforms. This book addresses the problem of developing complex distributed applications on wide-area networks, such as the Internet and World Wide Web, by using effective program design principles. Computer scientists, computer engineers, and software engineers will find the book an authoritative guide to large-scale multiprogramming.

Automatic Quantum Computer Programming

RRP $684.99

Automatic Quantum Computer Programming provides an introduction to quantum computing for non-physicists, as well as an introduction to genetic programming for non-computer-scientists. The book explores several ways in which genetic programming can support automatic quantum computer programming and presents detailed descriptions of specific techniques, along with several examples of their human-competitive performance on specific problems. Source code for the author's QGAME quantum computer simulator is included as an appendix, and pointers to additional online resources furnish the reader with an array of tools for automatic quantum computer programming.

Introduction To Programming Using Sagemath

RRP $24.95

Built using the popular programming language, Python, SageMath is a useful open-source computer software that covers many aspects of mathematics and computer science by using mathematics libraries and a computer algebra system. Filling a gap in computer programming literature, this book features a unique introduction to SageMath as a programming language with a focus on learning computer programming, algorithms, and problem solving. This book focuses on developing a better understanding of the main programming concepts in SageMath, without requiring any programming background. This book also presents the mathematical functions on SageMath, such as the plots and Sage Interacts in order to present a better understanding of the programming concepts that are more interesting than classical "console applications." Topical coverage includes: computer science; computer programming; SageMath; Sage Cloud; Sage Interacts; computer algebra systems; input, processing, and output, variables, operators, and lists; Boolean expressions and relational operators; if statements; for loops and while loops; strings; functions and libraries; GUI programming and interacts; recursive functions and fractals; cryptography and Caesar Cipher; binary numbers; ASCII code; and sorting and searching.

Computers: Understanding Technology - Comprehensive

RRP $610.99

Paradigm's all-new Computers: Understanding Technology provides comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of computer concepts-including hardware, software, networks, and the Internet, as well as programming, security, and ethics. Available in this Comprehensive version, the fifth edition is competency-based and objective-driven. It gives you and your students:* Interactivity. A responsive design that guides students to become active learners.* Precheck and Recheck quizzes test student competency on each learning objective in the course and helps them track their progress.* Diverse learning resources like video tutorials and research articles meet the unique learning preferences of individual students. Flexible content delivery. Choose the method that works best for your class. SNAP with Integrated eBook:* Students and instructors can access all course resources through a web-based training and assessment system. Key assignments, quizzes, and test results are uploaded into an online gradebook.* SNAP automatically returns a customized Study Plan for each student, with concept-level feedback and links to the resources that will help the student master the corresponding learning objective. Multiplatform eBook:* Students can hyperlink to additional content, flash cards, interactive chapter summaries and glossary, and games.* eBook provides immediate feedback on Precheck and Recheck quizzes, as well as selected end-of-chapter exercises.

Object-oriented Programming A Unified Foundation

RRP $42.95

by Luea Cardelli Ever since Strachey's work in the 1960's, polymorphism has been classified into the parametric and overloading varieties. Parametric polymorphism has been the subject of extensive study for over two decades. Overloading, on the other hand, has often been considered too ad hoc to deserve much attention even though it has been, in some form, an ingredient of virtually every programming lan- guage (much more so than parametric polymorphism). With the introduction of object-oriented languages, and in particular with multiple-dispatch object-oriented languages, overloading has become less of a programming convenience and more of a fundamental feature in need of proper explanation. This book provides a compelling framework for the study of run-time over- loading and of its interactions with subtyping and with parametric polymorphism. The book also describes applications to object-oriented programming. This new framework is motivated by the relatively recent spread of programming languages that are entirely based on run-time overloading; this fact probably explains why this subject was not investigated earlier. Once properly understood, overloading reveals itself relevant also to the study of older and more conventional (single- dispatch) object-oriented languages, clarifying delicate issues of covariance and contravariance of method types, and of run-time type analysis. In the final chapters, a synthesis is made between parametric and overloading polymorphism.


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