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Data Communication And Networking

RRP $259.99

Data Communication and Networking, First Edition provides a solid, thorough overview of data communications and networking for Engineering Technology programs. This text covers information for one or more courses spanning digital communication systems, computer communication and networks, and data communications. It is specifically written and designed for engineering and engineering technology learners by using a systematic and visual approach with abundant tables, illustrations, and practical examples making it easy for students to comprehend concepts. Content begins with data communication, signal conversion and issues in data transmission. Each chapter includes an introduction, summary of key information, as well as practice questions and problems with answers. The text also includes coverage of network and network standards, Ethernet, network components and Transmission Control and Internets Protocols (TCP/IP). The integration of applications and laboratory experiments are found throughout the text, making Data Communication and Networking, First Edition a one-of-a-kind and practical text.

Communications And Networking In Education

RRP $78.95

In most schools the dominant supporting technology has been either the stand-alone personal computer or a modest local network. The situation is changing rapidly as a rising number of schools provide access to the Internet for their staff and pupils, opening avenues for communication and networking hitherto not possible.
This book reflects on this change. It aims to further the vision of how these new technologies could improve and transform aspects of education. Yet in parallel it asks serious questions about the realities of an interface between the social, cultural and pedagogical contexts of education and the actual affordances that these new information and communication technologies offer.
The chapters in this book provide a heady mix of foresight and practical reporting, of planning for the future but at the same time respecting the problems education already has with current technologies. The richness of the points presented here stems in part from the range of experience of the international authors - from academics and administrators, to teachers and curriculum designers. This mix ensures that the central questions on communications and networking in education are considered not simply from a variety of personal perspectives, but also from different cultural and environmental experiences. And yet interest also lies in the commonality of reporting and discussion based on activity in the field. All the contributions draw heavily on research and experience in devising and running projects and experimental activities in a range of schools and teacher-training institutions and environments. The opinions expressed are thus grounded in knowledge gained from work embedded in the reality of today's educational settings. This must be the only sound base upon which to consider the issues of the future.
This book is essential reading for all professionals involved in all aspects of information and communication technologies in education. Teachers, lecturers, researchers, students and administrators will find it invaluable.

Caution! Wireless Networking

RRP $50.99

At last, a book dedicated to alleviating the fears that users may have about the security of their wireless home network. This no-nonsense guide is for wireless home<br> networkers who want to protect their data from hackers, crackers, viruses, and worms. Written in non-technical language that's perfect for both novices and intermediate users, this book offers a brief introduction to wireless networking and identifies the most common internal and external pitfalls-and ways to avoid and correct them.<br> * The ideal reference for computer users with a wireless network who need facts separated from fiction to learn what is necessary to protect their networks<br> * Real-world examples help demystify viruses, worms, cryptography, and identity theft, while expert advice, cool techniques, and step-by-step instructions give readers the know-how they need to secure a WLAN and protect their privacy<br> * Covers the latest computer security threats and countermeasures, addressing problems that older titles do not cover, particularly in the areas of virus protection

The Beginners Guide To Using A Windows Computer

RRP $13.99

This book was just written to help a person who has very little computer knowledge. It helps you download and install virus software, helps speed up your computer, create folders, enter safe mode, fix the Blue Screen on Windows XP, tells you how to search and access your start menu using Windows 8.

Networking Is A Curable Condition

RRP $14.99

Are you dissatisfied with your networking? Are you struggling to start your career? Are you a "seasoned" professional trying to find a new job or perhaps a new career direction? Are your sales people struggling to connect with prospects? Are you interested in learning about some strategies and tactics that can help you and your people remedy these challenges? And are you hoping to do that by spending as little money as possible? If so, then Bill Snow has the book for you! Networking Is A Curable Condition is a fast paced, insightful, and often humorous book that describes how author, speaker, and investment banker Bill Snow turned career indifference into a self-published book, job opportunities, a book deal with a larger publisher, and quite a bit of networking know-how. And he does so for the low, low price of 99 measly US cents. Networking Is A Curable Condition explains what author Bill Snow did to jump-start his career, connect with others, and create opportunities for himself (and others). Readers will learn the power of offering instead of asking, examine their strengths and weaknesses, learn how they learn, replace their elevator pitch with a golf ball pitch, and will be given some fresh ideas about job titles and descriptions. You'll never look at the terms "business development" or "thought leader" the same way again. Networking Is A Curable Condition is almost free...and worth the price!


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